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The CUPRA Leon

The CUPRA Leon is a New Variety of Hot Hatch

Rob Edwards, 13 Jan 2023 | Sponsored

There’s something thrilling about just standing in the proximity of a car that has racing embedded in its DNA. The electricity in the air is difficult to define yet impossible to ignore, as the driver’s seat calls to you with an intoxicating promise of speed yet to be realised. “All you need to do is climb inside and put your foot down,” it beckons, and so it is with the CUPRA Leon, a hot hatch that – at its core – exists to be a pure activator of adrenaline.

This should be plain to anyone from the moment they first lay eyes upon the Leon. Its sporty intent is loudly transmitted by the purposeful stance and aggressive contours that help to highlight the bold, nonconformist design language that’s become CUPRA’s undeniable calling card. Dipping beneath the surface, the Leon has more than enough power to back up that head-turning aesthetic. Whether you choose the plug-in hybrid VZe model or one of three petrol variants, you’re in for a singular driving experience that’s informed by the brand’s racing pedigree and willingness to do things differently.

Spoilt for Choice

There are unique benefits to each Leon model, so the one that’s right for you will depend on what you’re looking for in an exhilarating hot hatch. For example, should you choose the plug-in VZe, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing your part to reduce CO₂ emissions while also enjoying a remarkable balance of efficiency and performance. This model’s electric-only mode is ideal for short trips, enabling you to enjoy low-emission – not to mention cost-effective – travel. Plus, when longer distances need to be tackled, the VZe’s 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine and electric motor join forces for an increased range, giving you the confidence you need to tackle more ambitious road trips.

At the other end of the Leon spectrum, the VZx model ramps up performance to a new level. With its 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine serving up an impressive 221kW of power and 400Nm of torque, it’s designed to get your pulse racing as you effortlessly navigate your favourite stretch of road. Plus, the optional performance brakes package with front Brembo callipers serves up enhanced stopping power, further enhancing the Leon’s racing feel.

The Latest and Greatest

No matter which Leon you choose, you’ll enjoy CUPRA’s latest premium design features. Inside, dual displays – a 10.25-inch digital cockpit and a 10-inch navigation system – serve up all the information you need, while race-inspired bucket seats provide comfort and support every time you put your foot down. Progressive lighting enhances the Leon’s sophisticated and ultra-modern interior styling, while outside, contoured LED headlights illuminate the road ahead, using Light Assist to automatically dim full beam when oncoming traffic is detected. The lights on the Leon’s rear are just as impressive, thanks to a CUPRA Infinite rear light that spans the width of the boot door and links its dynamic tail lights.

The aforementioned performance brake package exclusive to the VZx model isn’t the only optional extra you can select in order to design a ride that’s your very own. Across the range, you can set up your Leon to perfectly suit your unique style. Starting with 19-inch alloy wheels in CUPRA’s signature shade of copper, your wheels will look like no other car on the road, while a premium Beats Audio sound system – featuring nine speakers and a powerful 340w amplifier – is ideal for those who are as passionate about their music as they are about their car.

For additional comfort and style, you might select the leather package, securing supple leather seating that also features front seat heating and Driver Power Adjustment and Memory function, so you’ll always have your seat set up just the way you like it. And lastly, CUPRA offers an optional electric glass sunroof – an absolute must as far as we’re concerned – that helps keep you connected to the world outside your sporty hot hatch.

Safety is Stylish

With each of these details combining to make your Leon your very own, you’re going to want to keep it (and yourself) safe. Fortunately, CUPRA also offers the very latest technology in that department. First, there’s Travel Assist, which helps you to maintain lane position and keep a safe distance from other vehicles, and Front Assist, which is designed to reduce the effect of – or completely avoid – collisions with pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles ahead of you. Further, CUPRA’s corrective steering technology Lane Assist helps to ensure you stay in your lane, while Side Assist alerts you to any vehicles in your blind spot, helping to ensure you merge safely every time. Sporty and safe is an ideal combo in our book.

No matter which CUPRA Leon you choose, the combination of eye-catching styling (both standard and optional) along with impressive performance specs and cutting-edge technology will ensure you enjoy a thrilling driving experience every time you get behind the wheel. Now all that’s left to decide is which CUPRA Leon is right for you:

  • CUPRA Leon VZe 180 KW 6-speed DSG
  • CUPRA Leon VZx 2.0 TSI EVO 221 KW 7-speed DSG
  • CUPRA Leon VZ 2.0 TSI EVO 180 KW 7-speed DSG
  • CUPRA Leon V 2.0 TSI 140 KW 7-speed DSG

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