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CUPRA Trade Parts Centres


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When you’re taking care of a CUPRA, getting the right parts is crucial. With CUPRA Trade Parts Centres, you can get genuine parts delivered in a timely manner – and at competitive prices.

Trade Parts Centres are CUPRA Service Partners with the capabilities and expertise required to specialise in trade parts sales. To order parts, contact your local CUPRA Trade Parts Centre by phone or email.

Exclusive benefits of Cupra trade parts centres

When you use a Trade Parts Centre, you’ll enjoy:


Fast and convenient

Fast delivery – within 3 hours for in-stock orders in metro areas

Frequent delivery – at least 3 times a day in metro areas,  
and a least once a day outside the city

Opening hours for trade orders – 7:30am-5pm Monday to Friday. Saturday morning collection also available.

Ongoing trade support

Highly skilled technical support for correct part identification 

Quality and reliable service from a dedicated trade parts team 

Ongoing trade sales support through a dedicated phone line

Genuine and reliable parts

Reliable availability of parts

No minimum spend requirements

CUPRA Trade part centres



CUPRA Canberra

(02) 6282 2544


CUPRA Melbourne

(03) 8327 6200


CUPRA Brisbane

(07) 3426 2777


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