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Life is meant to be grasped with both hands. No compromise, no apologies, no shying away.

Welcome to a new way of driving


Drive a CUPRA and you’ll know what it means to live. Value scintillating performance, uniquely desirable styling and unabashed expression? CUPRA is the embodiment of them all.


CUPRA wears its motorsport pedigree with pride. Powerful petrol engines and awe-inspiring handling make every drive in a CUPRA one to be savoured.   

Of course, CUPRA has the style to accompany the substance. Each CUPRA model has been designed to capture the essence of motoring performance, with styling that dares to be different and invites the unexpected. 


CUPRA’s aim is to ‘bring Barcelona to Australia’. In fact, Australia will be the first country in the world where CUPRA will operate exclusively as a performance brand.  

Propelled by innovation, CUPRA also brings electrification to Australia in the form of exciting plug-in hybrid (PHEV) engines and with plans to introduce an all-electric model soon. CUPRA’s goal of being a fully electric brand by 2030 is proof that it’s looking to the future and openly welcomes change. 

Take the challenge and embrace different. CUPRA is for people with nothing to prove, but everything to gain.


CUPRA is part of the Volkswagen Group and is best-known as the high-performance arm of trusted Spanish automobile manufacturer SEAT.

The name ‘CUPRA’ owes its origins to SEAT’s successful involvement in motorsport and stands for ‘Cup Racing’. It has since become synonymous with electrifying performance, dynamic driving qualities and eye-catching design.  

CUPRA brings a unique range of exhilarating performance vehicles to Australia, with the release of the CUPRA Formentor crossover SUV, the CUPRA Ateca SUV and the CUPRA Leon hatchback. These models have been followed by the exciting first all-electric CUPRA Born, released in Australia May 2023.

CUPRA Australia launched three models mid-2022 – the CUPRA Formentor crossover SUV, the CUPRA Ateca SUV and the CUPRA Leon hatchback.

The CUPRA range features both petrol and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) engines.

In May 2023, CUPRA launched it's first full-electric vehicle, the CUPRA Born.


CUPRA Formentor

Uniquely designed and developed for CUPRA, the CUPRA Formentor is a bespoke SUV coupé offering exceptional performance and luxurious style.

Discover the CUPRA Formentor



The CUPRA Ateca combines practicality and all-wheel-drive performance in a modern and thoroughly progressive SUV package.

Discover the CUPRA Ateca



The CUPRA Leon hatchback has been engineered for petrol and electrified performance, with outstanding sophistication also a hallmark.

Discover the CUPRA Leon.   



CUPRA’s first all-electric vehicle will change our assumptions about electric cars and raise the bar for electric vehicle performance, range and styling.

Learn about the CUPRA Born.

CUPRA promises to revolutionise the way we think about electric vehicles.

Two hybrid models with plug-in hybrid (PHEV) engines released mid 2022 in Australia – the CUPRA Formentor VZe and the CUPRA Leon VZe – and CUPRA will followed these with the release of the all-electric CUPRA Born in May 2023.

CUPRA’s development of PHEV engines and fully electric vehicles represent a bold step towards the company’s goal of being a fully electric brand by 2030.

For more information on the way CUPRA is delivering all the benefits of electrification while preserving outstanding performance. 


Owning a CUPRA doesn’t just mean limitless driver enjoyment and the proud satisfaction of turning heads wherever you go. It means access to a range of customer benefits designed to enhance the CUPRA experience over time.     

Check out some of the unique benefits of owning a CUPRA:


CUPRA Servicing

Every CUPRA vehicle is covered by a factory-backed five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty. Plus, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your CUPRA can be serviced at a range of selected outlets within the Volkswagen Group network.


CUPRA Specialists

Your CUPRA Specialist is your go-to CUPRA connection and will guide you through your journey of owning a CUPRA. Each CUPRA Specialist is well versed in the values of the CUPRA brand and has been carefully selected to provide you professional service whenever you need it.

As well as introducing you to local community experiences and events, where you can meet fellow CUPRA owners, your CUPRA Specialist will introduce you to a CUPRA Service Advisor who is on hand to help you with any technical support if it’s required.

Our new Agency Model revolutionises your purchase experience. The CUPRA Specialists and Garages are your strategic partners in the CUPRA journey.


Exclusive services

When you own a CUPRA, you’re entitled to a range of exclusive services upon request. These include access to a CUPRA courtesy car if your vehicle is at the dealership for repairs, as well as priority appointments, reserved parking space and maintenance services under two hours.

CUPRA will also contact you for a complimentary technical follow-up one month after vehicle purchase.

What is the CUPRA Agency Model?

The CUPRA Agency Model is a revolutionary approach to automotive sales, aligning with our philosophy of “Another way”.  It streamlines the process for our customers because all our CUPRA Garages have access to the same pool of vehicles and transparent pricing.   

Why the Agency Model?

In response to evolving market dynamics and consumer expectations, the Agency Model offers a more consistent, transparent, and seamless way to purchase vehicles. It is designed to enable a high standard of service and convenience ensuring you have the best possible experience with access to national vehicle stock and the peace of mind of transparent vehicle pricing.  

How Does it Work?

Under the Agency Model, our dealers act as agents or sales promoters for CUPRA. They are supported by CUPRA Australia who owns the vehicles for sale. This structure simplifies the entire sales process, making it more transparent and customer-focused. And, our agents focus is to understand your vehicle needs and provide you options that suit. 

Benefits for Customers:

  • Direct access to national car stock, owned by CUPRA, providing a wide range of options, greater flexibility and vehicle pricing certainty and transparency. 
  • A consistent and transparent customer journey across all CUPRA Garages.

As CUPRA continues to innovate in both vehicle performance and customer experience, the Agency Model is our commitment to offering you “Another way” – a better, more satisfying way to own a CUPRA.

The retail price for CUPRA vehichles range between $40,000–$80,000. 

CUPRA doesn’t just offer an exciting new way to drive, it also offers an exciting new way to purchase your next drive.

CUPRA doesn’t do dealerships in the traditional sense. Instead, when you buy a CUPRA, you take every step of your purchase journey online. That means you retain ultimate control over how you buy and when you buy.

Of course, buying a vehicle is no small decision and there are many CUPRA customers who will want to discuss their purchase with a CUPRA representative and take up the opportunity of a test drive.

That’s why CUPRA operates a network of CUPRA City Garages, boutique spaces where customers can find out more about the CUPRA experience. These garages, as well as pop-up sales points and other retailer outlets, are staffed by CUPRA Specialists that act as concierges to customers and who can walk them through the CUPRA model range and the purchase process.

Anyone interested in seeing a CUPRA in the flesh or test-driving one can arrange to do so with the help of their CUPRA Specialist.

When the time comes to make a purchase, customers are guided through an online sales process. Once an order is placed, the selected vehicle isn’t sourced from stock, but is shipped and delivered according to customer specifications and requirements.

This is done at a fixed price, which means there is no need to haggle with sales staff and no confusing variations in recommended retail price according to region or territory. Conducting the purchase online also helps to streamline the vehicle financing process, with customers able to select the financing option that best suits them.

The entire process is efficient, satisfying and refreshingly contemporary, much like CUPRA itself.


A visit to a CUPRA Garage is the perfect way to find out about CUPRA and the attributes that set it apart – passion, performance and sophistication. Here customers can immerse themselves in an environment that is welcoming, exclusive and uniquely interactive, and discover first-hand what it feels like to own a CUPRA.

Each CUPRA Garage captures the essence of the CUPRA brand. The latest models will be on display in the Garage Zone and customers can interact with and customise them with the VR CUPRA experience.

CUPRA’s motorsport pedigree is revealed in the Racing zone, which displays CUPRA’s racing cars and motorsport gear. A Lifestyle zone contains exclusive CUPRA collections and collaborations, with refreshments available at the CUPRA bar.

Guiding customers through the CUPRA Garage are CUPRA Specialists, whose role is to assist visitors with all aspects of their CUPRA buying journey.

For more, take a walk-through of the world’s first CUPRA Garage in Mexico City.

When you purchase a CUPRA in Australia, it won’t be from a traditional dealership.

Instead, you’ll purchase a CUPRA online with the backing of a network of CUPRA City Garages and the support of a CUPRA Specialist, who will act as a customer concierge.

Your CUPRA Specialist will assess your lifestyle needs and guide you through your vehicle selection process. They will assist with everything from helping familiarise you with each model and arranging a test drive through to managing the sales process and vehicle delivery. Once you’ve purchased your CUPRA, your CUPRA Specialist will then cater to all of your after-sales needs.

Each CUPRA Specialist has been carefully selected to provide the utmost service and professionalism.   

CUPRA wants to provide its customers with knowledgeable and ultra-helpful support when they purchase and own a CUPRA. So it’s no surprise CUPRA is always on the look-out for passionate and interesting people to become CUPRA Specialists.

Not only do the right candidates need to live and breathe the CUPRA brand, they need to have that certain spark that makes them a true CUPRA advocate.

CUPRA is currently recruiting to fill CUPRA Specialist positions. If you’re interested, simply go to the CUPRA Specialist recruitment page to fill out a registration form. If you’re selected, you’ll need to undergo a video interview and undertake an  assessment. Pass those and you’ll have a final interview before you can join the CUPRA team!

CUPRA Servicing has you covered so you can get straight back on the road.

Every CUPRA is covered by a factory-backed five-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty, with servicing available through selected Volkswagen Group service centres.

A customisable selection of CUPRA Service Packs are also available exclusively to CUPRA customers. These optional packs combine maintenance services, a warranty extension and vehicle insurance to provide significant cost savings.

For a short time only, you’ll receive a complimentary 3-year CUPRA Service Pack with every new CUPRA vehicle purchase. 

Learn more about CUPRA Serive Packs.

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