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CUPRA’s globalisation takes major step with Australian launch.

Sydney/Martorell, 20 July 2022
CUPRA’s ambitious plans to expand its international presence and become a global brand takes on new momentum as it launches operations in Australia, proving that the spirit of the unconventional challenger brand feels no distance.
  • Australia is a strategic global market for the brand’s expansion in Asia Pacific and beyond
  • CUPRA’s ambition is to become one of the leading electric and sporty performance brands in Australia
  • The brand’s goal is to reach more than 5% market share in the electric segment in the long-term
  • CUPRA is launching three cars into the market: CUPRA Leon, CUPRA Ateca and CUPRA Formentor, including PHEV versions
  • CUPRA officially inaugurated its first Australian CUPRA City Garage in Sydney; 15 sales locations are planned by 2023 across the country

Today CUPRA inaugurated its first Australian City Garage, located in the heart of Sydney’s central business district. The City Garage will open to the public in the coming days and to celebrate this milestone CUPRA hosted an event attended by media, institutions and dealers.

“Our impulse to take CUPRA to the world never stops. By heading to Australia, we’re taking the first major step in our globalisation.” said Wayne Griffiths CEO of CUPRA. “Australia is a strategic global market for our expansion in Asia Pacific and beyond. Our strategy here is to start with the development of the brand and launch the first product offensive, with the Ateca, Leon and Formentor. The Born will arrive in 2023, followed by our New Heroes, the Terramar, Tavascan and Raval from 2025. We want to be the relevant, cool & desirable brand that combines electric and sporty performance. Our ambition is to reach more than 5% market share in the electric segment in the long-term.”

The brand’s objective in Australia is to more than quadruple annual sales from 1,600 vehicles in 2022 to 7,000 vehicles in 2025.

Since CUPRA’s launch in 2018, it has grown its global turnover from €430 million to almost €2.2 billion in 2021. It’s this trajectory that has allowed the brand to expand, taking it from Barcelona to Australia. 

First phase: develop the brand and launch the product offensive

Australia will be CUPRA’s first 100% agency model market and the first to offer a fully digital customer journey via an End-to-End platform. It will launch three cars to the Australian market at the same time: CUPRA Ateca, CUPRA Leon and CUPRA Formentor.

The vehicles will be bolstered by a wide range of engine variants, including plug-in hybrid versions (e-HYBRID), delivering the mix of emotions that embodies the CUPRA attitude.

The vehicles include the CUPRA Ateca, the brand’s first model and unique in its segment, embodying the vision for the brand. It combines a 2.0 TSI engine with 300PS, seven-speed DSG, 4Drive all-wheel drive and DCC dynamic chassis technology.

Joining the Ateca is the King of Leons, the CUPRA Leon. A model with an extensive range of powertrain, including plug-in hybrid technology and progressive dynamic design.

Finally, the CUPRA Formentor – the first vehicle uniquely designed and developed for the brand and a turning point for CUPRA, showcasing its huge potential.

CUPRA will also launch the CUPRA Born in Australia. The 100% electric car proves that electrification and performance are a perfect match, and that EVs can be fun and sexy. Orders will start in the last quarter of this year, with deliveries due in the first quarter of 2023.

“CUPRA is Australia’s performance brand and is for those who love driving and those who love design. We will be one of the first European brands to offer Australians Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles,” said Ben Wilks, Director of CUPRA Australia. “The 11,000 plus expressions of interest and Launch Edition sales are a remarkable response to a brand that is entirely new to Australia. We cannot wait to bring the CUPRA Born, the brand’s first BEV to the market in early 2023.”

From 2025, CUPRA´s second product offensive will begin with the launch of the Terramar, Tavascan, and The CUPRA Raval, initially unveiled as UrbanRebel. 

CUPRA City Garage in Sydney: the 7th in the world

Among those attending the inauguration of the CUPRA City Garage were Australian hero and national goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne and future Commonwealth Bank Matildas star Jada Whyman. CUPRA is committed to football in Australia and recently announced its partnership with the Socceroos and Commonwealth Bank Matildas.

The CUPRA City Garage is more than just a flagship store. It is an immersive stage to further co-create the CUPRA world with the brand’s followers. Located in one of the most iconic districts of the city, its design takes inspiration from both the Mediterranean and Australia’s natural landscapes. Among its features is an artwall created by Chris Princic, whose work appears in several other CUPRA City Garages. The Sydney CUPRA City Garage is the 7th City Garage after Mexico City, Hamburg, Munich, Milan, Lisbon, and Rotterdam.

CUPRA will be present in all major cities, with 9 points of sale from August. The brand’s goal is to reach 15 sales locations in 2023. 

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