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CUPRA Garage

A place to share your passion. A place to belong.



CUPRA is never one to follow the herd. Befitting its individualistic spirit and desire to connect with passionate and progressive communities, CUPRA is creating a new way for people to experience the brand – and make connections with one another.


CUPRA will soon launch CUPRA Garage, a unique concept destination where people can find out all they need to know about CUPRA. A new flagship CUPRA Garage is set to open soon in Sydney CBD, with plans underway to open many more throughout Australia’s metropolitan areas.

CUPRA Garages will offer an experience unlike any other. Each will create an immersive and interactive atmosphere where visitors can learn about the essence of the brand. And it’s where they can discover more about the values that define CUPRA: performance-driven, expressive, sensual and living in the now.

The CUPRA experience

CUPRA Garage Amenities and Servcies


Each CUPRA Garage will be a destination in its own right, a place where like-minded people can come to meet. Each CUPRA Garage will embody the CUPRA brand identity and contain zones that invite visitors to explore, learn and relax.


The Garage Zone will have CUPRA’s most popular models on display. Visitors will have the chance to configure CUPRA models or learn more about them via an interactive VR CUPRA experience.


CUPRA’s roadgoing cars are inspired by the brand’s motorsport heritage, which visitors can find out more about in the Racing Area. Here, they can view one of the CUPRA’s very own race cars and check out CUPRA-branded racing clothes and other gear.    

Anyone wanting to learn more about CUPRA’s model line-up can speak with a knowledgeable CUPRA Master, who can answer any questions and help to arrange a test drive.


There will also be a Lifestyle Area in every CUPRA Garage where people can shop for CUPRA-branded merchandise and enjoy exclusive CUPRA collections and collaborations.


Because the CUPRA Garage will be the place to meet, Sydney's flagship CUPRA Garage will feature a CUPRA Café, where people can come together over a coffee or other refreshment.   

Stay tuned to hear about the very first CUPRA Garage to open in Australia. Coming soon!