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An all-electric race car with a rebellious spirit.

We are rethinking what progressive racing looks like. The CUPRA Raval Concept, initially unveiled as UrbanRebel, is a race car that mixes pure electrification, sustainability, and performance with the thrilling aesthetics of the virtual world. It allows a look into the future design language of the urban electric vehicle and is due to be launched in 2025.

CUPRA UrbanRebel electric racing car

“The radical urban electric car is a key strategic project not only for our company, but also for the Volkswagen Group, as our aim is to produce more than 500,000 urban electric cars per year in Martorell for different Group brands. With an entry price of around 20-25,000€, this car will make electromobility accessible to the masses and hit the Green Deal targets.” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA.

This new member of the CUPRA family represents a change and evolution in the brand towards a gender-neutral and more progressive language, while maintaining the values that identify each CUPRA model: its sportiness and character with a touch of sophistication that makes it a unique and differentiated brand.

Emotional and radical

"The CUPRA Raval Concept injects a gamification look to the racing car,” said Jorge Díez, Design Director at CUPRA. “Each contoured line and sculptured surface in the design is brought to life by a livery that uses kinetic particles to add movement to the surface as light shifts across it.”

The CUPRA Raval Concept builds on the design foundations of the 100% electric urban vehicle that will be launched in 2025. The road version will mix astonishing design and amazing dynamics and will be based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB short platform. The CUPRA Raval Concept delivers 250kW of continuous power and up to 320kW at its peak. It can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in only 3.2 seconds. With a total length of 4,186mm, a width of 1,795mm, and a height of 1,444mm, the car hints at the proportions of the future urban electric car in a racing disguise.

This racing version will influence the road version of the urban electric car, but the core elements are enhanced to give the vehicle an even more rebellious character. It represents a revolution in the brand towards a more progressive design language, while maintaining the values that identify each CUPRA model: its sportiness and character making it an unconventional challenger brand.

At the front, the shark nose was created using a negative surface to produce a bold, strong expression. Thanks to the combination of these elements, the dynamic side view gives a feeling of moving toward the future. Its wraparound window graphic generates the visual effect of a motorcycle helmet and gives continuity between the windows around the whole car to deliver the effect of a floating roof.

The rear features an iconic CUPRA design thanks to its horizontal proportions. These key elements represent the new graphic shape for the rear lights in combination with the illuminated CUPRA logo. On top of that, the large spoiler with integrated lights – a nod to racing cars seen in the virtual world – provides an imposing, bold look underlined by the strong muscular shoulders, while in the lower part there is a large diffuser improving aerodynamic efficiency.

The car’s body uses angular themes inspired by the digital era meeting pure electrification. Copper accents – a core character of the brand – play a key role in enhancing the CUPRA DNA, augmented and intensified with highly progressive, strong parametric graphics. The chameleonic, multi-layered body colour, iridescent finishes, and neon yellow accents flip between greenish and violet hues, and shift as the light moves across it. This multi-layer body colour reinforces the main lines of car and pushes the codes into a highly emotional direction that blends pure electrification with the digital era.

The CUPRA Raval will make its world debut at the 2021 IAA Munich International Motor Show, proving how racing and urban mobility can be fused to form a progressive and groundbreaking all-electric vehicle.

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