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CUPRA master. How to be part of CUPRA

CUPRA Masters

Let a CUPRA Master guide you on your journey of owning a CUPRA.

Meet the Master


When you own a CUPRA, you join a tribe of like-minded people who value passion, expression and live in the now. Who better to welcome you to the exciting new world of CUPRA ownership than a CUPRA Master? CUPRA Masters live and breathe the values of the CUPRA brand. When you first visit a CUPRA Garage, a CUPRA Master will personally guide you as you discover everything you need to know about CUPRA. 


A CUPRA Master can introduce you to the model range and give you personalised advice about the purchase process. They can arrange a test drive if you wish to experience the thrill of driving a CUPRA for yourself. Their in-depth expertise means they can answer any questions you have about becoming a CUPRA owner.


Your personal concierge

Your relationship with your CUPRA Master goes well beyond the point of purchase.


Not only do CUPRA Masters act as your own personal contact for any CUPRA Aftersales support you may need, they can also introduce you to local experiences and events where you can meet fellow CUPRA owners. 


Each CUPRA Master is an embodiment of the CUPRA brand and has been handpicked to provide you with all the assistance you need. 


For all the reasons above, you may like to think of a CUPRA Master as your own personal concierge who can guide you as you explore the exciting world of CUPRA.



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