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Sportiness on two wheels.

What is the philosophy of Fabike?

When we started thinking about what Fabike should stand for we decided that we wanted to take from the materials all the technology, design, and advantages of a high-end racing bike and make them available for the urban rider. This is an urban bike that would not disappoint even the most demanding road racers.

What inspired you to build these specific pieces?

Fabio, the founder of Fabike, comes from a family of cyclists that trace all the way back to Italy. After living in a number of major European cities, he understood that he wanted to take his family heritage to the next level; to a more modern and contemporary concept of cycling, moving to the urban world, but without leaving the spirit of racing behind.

How do you understand sportiness?

For us, sportiness today is not just about racing, but also about being able to follow the increasingly rapid pace of modern life.

Sportiness or style? Or do you make them compatible, like CUPRA does?

We ensure total coexistence between these two elements in our products. They must complete each other every time, just like lovers do.    

We strongly doubt you will find anything remotely similar to this bike out there.

Which materials do you use to create your bikes? And for the CUPRA bike? Why?

We use only premium materials: carbon fibre, titanium and high-end anodized aluminium alloy. Everything must match our premium brand positioning in the market. When we were approached by CUPRA, we were asked to do something challenging: to make our product even more unique, exclusive and sophisticated. That’s the reason why we did a lot of research to find a singular combination of colours and materials, like copper and real leather. The result was amazing.

As with racing cars, their lightness and aerodynamics are fundamental. How do you combine both elements?

We pay a lot of attention to these two elements, especially lightness. People who are not used to racing machines sometimes don’t realize what a huge difference it makes, and this is also the case in everyday life. That’s why every time people lift one of our bikes they are really surprised.

Everything comes from the outstanding materials mentioned before, combined with other premium components such as the use of a carbon belt drivetrain system instead of the traditional steel chain.

“There isn't really anything to compare the Fabike with to gauge any real definition.”

How crafted is your production process?

Our bikes don’t come pre-assembled. In fact, each bike is made up of over 100 different parts. We order, check and craft all of them, one by one, making sure that everything is as it should be. The whole process takes about 4 hours per bike.

CUPRA is defined by its attention to detail and, of course, you are too. Which detail would you highlight on this bike?

What is special on the CUPRA bike is the combination of a racing handlebar with hydraulic disc brakes and the single speed belt drivetrain. Together, of course, with a carbon fibre frame. I strongly doubt you will find anything remotely similar to this bike out there.

How would you define this bicycle: a racing bike for enjoying the city or a fast urban bike?

It is most definitely a fast and unique urban bike, made for people who have sportiness running through their veins.

What kind of message do you think CUPRA is sending out as a car brand by having its own bike?

I think it’s all about contemporary sportiness. Whether you are driving the car or riding the bike you will always have the same amazing feeling. So I think CUPRA is saying: “now you can move around with outstanding performance and, at the same time, style. Whichever vehicle you choose to take you to your destination”.

Do you think your brand and products reflect the spirit of CUPRA?


CUPRA creates the path. Do you think that Fabike does the same? How?

Absolutely! We have been the first bike brand to have the courage to offer people a truly high-end bicycle, with top performance, stunning design and outstanding technical innovation, specifically focused on urban riding. This is not only bold, but also changes the perception of what a premium urban bike can and should be.

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