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CUPRA X Hot Dub Time Machine

CUPRA Presents Hot Dub Time Machine at the Matildas vs France Match 6:20pm, 14 July Marvel Stadium.


Presents Hot Dub Time Machine @‌Matildas vs France Match 14.7 Marvel Stadium  

True to CUPRA’s commitment to becoming an iconic lifestyle brand in Australia, we are proud to beautifully blend two magnificent icons in the worlds of music and sport.

Celebrating diversity, and the power of electrifying performance we are a proud sponsor of Football Australia and we unite with the Matildas and our ambassador, Mary Fowler, as they embark on the thrilling journey ahead as the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off in Australia for the very first time.

We celebrate this moment in history for sport in Australia with the epic sounds of the one and only Hot Dub Time Machine, who at 6.20PM will play to a crowd of more than 50,000 people at the Matildas vs France ‘Send Off Match’.

Since first launching his time-travelling, ‘dance-through-the-decades’ audio-visual party concept in 2011, Sydney’s Tom Lowndes has grown Hot Dub Time Machine into an absolute monster.

The Australian DJ, who showcases songs from every decade and genre of music, weaving it into one expansive, electrifying, music history lesson – has been welcomed by international audiences with open arms and is a main stage regular at festivals all over the world, including Australia’s ‘Splendour in the Grass,’ and ‘Falls Festival, Europe’s legendary ‘Tomorrowland’, Asia’s ‘It’s The Ship’ and even, ‘Coachella,’ in the USA.

Bringing together diverse crowds the power of awesome music and good times Hot Dub Time Machine consistently delivers stellar live performances that are near impossible not to enjoy.

Connecting people through shared loves and inspiring moments and creating opportunities to morph the world of music with the thrill of watching the next generation of female talent in Australian sport rise to their biggest challenge to date is what CUPRA is all about.

Breathtaking moments, exhilarating performance; the impulse of a new generation starts now.

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