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New heroes for a new era: our vision and ambition until 2025.

We are revealing our exciting plans for the future, with new heroes for a new era. CUPRA returns to where it all began four years ago, in Terramar, Sitges, to host the beginning of the next chapter.

To date, we have delivered close to 200,000 units while our turnover has grown from 430 million euros in 2018 to almost 2.2 billion euros in 2021, far beyond all expectations. And this year, we intend to double our sales, turnover, and global network of CUPRA Masters and CUPRA City Garages.

By 2025 we will have entered a new era with three new electrified models – CUPRA Terramar*, CUPRA Tavascan* and CUPRA Raval* - as well as our current line-up renewed.

“Tonight, we show the entire range of CUPRA’s next generation of heroes to be launched by 2025,” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA. ”By 2025 our aim is to deliver 500,000 cars per year and push forward with our international expansion into new markets as well as entering new segments. To make all this happen, it’s the people that count. It’s the people who make the brand.”

The Unstoppable Impulse event took place in Terramar (Sitges), where international media, institutions, partners, and CUPRA ambassadors such as Ballon d’Or and Best FIFA Award-winning footballer Alexia Putellas joined the event. Representatives from the Volkswagen Group as well as the Porsche and Piëch families also joined the event.

CUPRA’s incredible journey

CUPRA was launched in 2018 with the ambition to reinvent contemporary sportiness, driven by a few believers who wanted to challenge the status quo.

The first vehicle to embody the ambition and character of our challenger brand was the CUPRA Ateca. A unique model in its segment.

Two years later, we launched the King of Leons, CUPRA Leon. It was our first model with an extensive range of powerful engines, and the first electrified CUPRA model, thanks to its high-performance plug-in hybrid engine.

This was followed by the first standalone model, CUPRA Formentor. The Crossover SUV has been a huge success with almost 100,000 units delivered globally so far and it is now our best-selling model.

And then came the CUPRA Born. The first 100% electric car, and the perfect match between electrification and performance. But the vehicles are only part of the story.

One of the key elements to our success is the CUPRA Tribe.

“The CUPRA Tribe crafts the essence of our brand day after day: Disruptive Attitude, Rebellious Spirit and Unconventional Mindset”, said Antonino Labate, Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations at CUPRA. “Today, we bring out the newest member of the Tribe: TV Boy: someone with a rebellious spirit that breaks boundaries to inspire the next generation through his art.”

Now CUPRA is looking to the future with new heroes for a new era.

With the Future: Fast Forward project, we have created a group of 62 national and international partners to transform Spain into a European hub for electric mobility.

And just a few weeks ago, together with the Volkswagen Group and the Future: Fast Forward partners, we presented a project to mobilise €10 billion euros to electrify Spain. This represents the single largest industrial investment in Spain's history.

“We know exactly where we want to go. I can promise you that every single model we will bring to the market will be a step ahead on our journey,” said Wayne Griffiths. “We will stay true to ourselves and be authentic, this is the spirit of the CUPRA Tribe. We’ll do this the CUPRA way, like we always have. The future is electric. The future is CUPRA.”

During the Impulse event, we also hinted at the future versions of the current range (CUPRA Leon, CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Born), to be renewed by 2025.

CUPRA Terramar*: our brand’s first electrified SUV

Plug-in hybrid technology has shown that electrification is part of CUPRA’s DNA, and the range of vehicles that benefit from the technology has grown to encapsulate a large part of our range. But we are taking it further.

By 2024 the range of plug-in hybrid models will include even more options and greater range.

Joining the team is the CUPRA Terramar, a sport SUV that pays homage to Terramar, Sitges, combining bold proportions with striking design. This emotional, sporty and electrified SUV will move us upmarket to the hot spot of the SUV segment, the fastest growing segment in Europe. It will be produced in Hungary at Audi’s Györ plant.

The CUPRA Terramar will be available with ICE versions as well as a new generation of plug-in hybrid powertrains that deliver around 100km in all-electric mode.

The e-HYBRID range focuses on performance and contemporary sportiness and is part of the bigger journey as we fulfil the electrification revolution.

“Terramar is where everything started for CUPRA. Our new sporty hybrid SUV perfectly combines bold proportions with a long striking bonnet, while the shark nose means breakthrough resistance and the determination to win”, said Jorge Diez, Design Director at CUPRA. “Thinking of how the driver will feel, we provide a unique experience with the latest technology, thanks to the driver oriented interior concept. All in all, a 4,5m long SUV, with CUPRA DNA ready to shake one of the most competitive segments”.

CUPRA Tavascan*: the dream comes true

The next stage of the journey is the CUPRA Tavascan*. The car encapsulates our electrified vision and will remain faithful to the 2019 concept car. Some design elements strongly hinted at in the 2021 CUPRA Tavascan Extreme E Concept. The CUPRA Tavascan* doesn’t just capture the vision of contemporary electrification, but it also globalises our brand, taking CUPRA to new markets. It will be launched in 2024.

CUPRA Raval*: challenging conventions and bringing emotions

In 2025 we will bring the CUPRA Raval, initially unveiled as UrbanRebel* – its urban electric car - to the market. A vehicle that will take CUPRA far beyond its traditional boundaries. The CUPRA Raval* is driven by emotion, designed, and developed for a more rebellious electric world.

“The CUPRA Raval* is more than just a car to us. This is the model that will democratise urban electric mobility. Accessible and sustainable, this will be the next generation’s entry into our range.”, said Wayne Griffiths during the Impulse event.

A deeper look into the CUPRA Raval.

Designed to inspire a more rebellious electric world.

*These vehicles are showcars and have not yet gone on sale. Therefore, Directive 1999/94/EC does not apply.

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