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CUPRA Roadside Assist

If you need roadside assistance, call us on: 1300 409 736

We've got you covered

A simple call away if you ever need help


Every new CUPRA vehicle comes with five years of CUPRA Roadside Assist, active from the warranty start date.


Included in the cover you receive is 24-hour roadside assistance, emergency accommodation, car rental, towing and property assistance.


We’ll help you get back on the road again – any time of day. 


Contact us on: 1300 409 736 


Read Terms & Conditions

CUPRA Roadside Assist is provided by AWP Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 097 227 177 trading as ‘Allianz Global Assistance’ (‘Allianz Global Assistance’). Whenever you request roadside vehicle assistance, you will be making that request to Allianz Global Assistance, who will provide the services as per the terms and conditions provided. The terms and conditions contain exclusions and limitations.